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Landed East

In pursuit of new beginnings, a renewed zest for life, and following the steps of romance, I’ve made the move to the East coast.

After a week in the hospital, battling a “Mystery Illness”, I headed to Central Oregon and rested in Mom’s care. While there, we quietly celebrated Christmas and were able to spend some quality time together. Something we hadn’t had much of over the past year. It was rejuvenating, and refreshing.

Once healthier, I headed back to Portland, wrapped up a few loose ends, and began making plans to move to the East Coast. Now it’s the first week after the New Year, and I’m already here.

Provincetown, Massachusetts. Two hours drive from Providence, Rhode Island. Two hours from Boston. Just up the cape from the Kennedy’s, well, way up the cape from the Kennedy’s. Five hours to New York. Central location? Eh, not really. Unless you have a boat.

The village is located on the furthest tip of Cape Cod, surrounded by sand dunes and salt water. It’s quaint, quietly sophisticated, and time seems to move at a different pace here. Much like Saugatuck, Michigan, where I once lived on the Lakeshore. Artistic and creative people flock to these places to find peace and solitude, and others like themselves.

I’ve always heard people reference Provincetown, or P-Town, when talking about Saugatuck. Not only are they small and historic villages, they’ve become the vacation destinations for Gays. Surprising really, small villages, both plopped in the middle of Puritan and Christian strongholds, now hot Gay resorts.

Either way, I’m loving P-Town so far. The people seem to have a little of the East Coast attitude, but they’re equally as warm and inviting. The coffee shops are bustling in the afternoon. The streets are quiet, but fairly busy. The homes are old and majestic.

I can see calling this new place “Home”.



  Brian wrote @

Congrats Beau ! Know that your baby grand is in good hands! Cheers

  Zac McCoy wrote @

I’m so stoked for you beau!!! I can’t wait to visit P-town…..i have a lot of destinations to get to now that I live in Pittsburgh… all seems so close by!!! Relatively speaking of course. I know we never really became friends other than on fb, but if you ever are in Pittsburgh, you’ve got a friend here!

  Steve Teich wrote @

Beau, I am sitting here in Saugatuck in the midst of a winter storm thinking of you doing the same thing in Provincetown. It is actually quite beautiful here tonight. I am going to have a fire in the fireplace and relax by catching up on some reading. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your winter there. I’m sure it’s about as quiet as it is here…..something I look forward to all year.

  Grandmother June wrote @

My dear Grandson. Everytime sit down for my cup of tea, I think of you. We have had some great conversations lately regarding
keeping good health and the amazing opportunities you will encounter. I wish you great happiness and I know you will
continue your great relationship with GOD.

Love you very much, Grandma June

  Marchelle Maloney wrote @

I’m so happy for you! Been a while since we have spoken but I miss you coming into Safeway and putting a smile on my face!

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