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Right to Fight

Our country was founded on the ideals of Freedom and Liberty. From that, We’ve grown as Americans to expect to be respected, listened to, and validated. Sometimes, our own voices are too quiet to be heard. So we have people who represent our interests for us. lobbyists, Rights Coalitions, organizations keeping a presence in our country’s Capitol on our behalf. Whether you donate to them, have signed their petitions, or have never heard of them before, there are people working every day to bring you equality and justice.

As I recently discovered though, some of the people representing me aren’t qualified for the job. At least not by my standards.

Over the past year there has been a continual turn of Gay Rights legislation being approved, and being taken away all over the nation. This has built a seemingly unending tug-of-war, powered by public media and social medias.

When one of these laws was overturned this winter, my e-mail in-box filled with a flood of angry letters from Gay Rights groups and followings, as it always does. This time though, one e-mail caught my attention. It was titled as follows:

“Are You F—ing Pissed Off, Because We Are!”

The letter went on to call opponents to Gay Marriage “Homophobic Idiots”, “Right Winged F–ks”, and a slew of other names. It promoted hating the opponents, and doing all possible to anger, disrupt, and hurt them.

Reading this prompted me to read all the other e-mails that came my way that day, something I usually don’t do. To my disappointment, many of the other letters from similar organizations read the same.

I don’t feel that way. I know many of my friends don’t feel that way either. We don’t hate opponents that are just standing up for what they believe in. What I do dislike though, are people representing ME in the fight for equal rights, who see it fit to yell and scream at other people, assuming that the entire GLBT Community feels the same way.

As a nation, as a community, as a family, we will rarely make progress through hatred. If there is any success, it will only be subjected to later ruin or dispute. In order to successfully and honestly reach our goals, we need to be willing to face challenge, and welcome compromise peacefully.

In a time like ours today, peace can be supreme ruler if we are willing to allow it. It will take patience, the ability to listen and the talent of actually hearing what is said. Above all else though, it will require respect. Respect for those who don’t understand our lives or our beliefs, just as we don’t understand theirs. Through respect and the willingness, and taking the time to listen and resolve our opponents concerns or fears, we can become strong as human beings.

Please e-mail or sign on to our mailing list on the blog to learn about how you and your friends can become involved in our goal of creating a New Movement, aimed at peaceful resolution.



  annie wrote @

Oh k..where’s that hankie when I need it.

Ring out the old
Ring in the new

I am so moved by your post.

  Sean H-. wrote @

These people you mention are not arguing strategically; they are arguing emotionally. So in this case you are both right and wrong. You’re right to suggest that furious anger will not win suppor,t nor will name calling or the like. You’re wrong however to suggest that opponents of gay marriage are standing up for what they belive in. They are reactionaries using gay people as a blank canvas upon which to project their own insecurities. If they were standing up for their own beliefs they would say “I don’t want to enter into a gay marriage because that is against my belief system.” Instead, they are basically saying everyone is entitled to My opinion and we will legally persecute those who feel otherwise. There are a million issues conscientious christians might put their hearts into, why is so much of their effort based on fighting the sex lives of total strangers? I think you have a personal understanding of people attacking others based on their imagined sex lives.

  Penelope wrote @

I just heard (who hasn’t) about your memoir.

Write on!

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