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The Divide

When you’re down and troubled, who are you supposed to call on? The day has been long, the night is cold. You want to roll over and hold that special person. The love you wait for during the day, and wish for at night should be there for you, right? They’re the one you call on, and wait for to come running.

But so many times we find a difference. One sees the day in a bright tint, while we find it gloomy without hope or inspiration. What then? you can’t crawl into the arms of someone who doesnt understand why you need to be held. Or can you?

In relationships, we always find divisions. One moment we’re walking on the side walk commenting on the old woman sitting on a bench. Next we’re standing on opposite sides of a great divide, cracked from a selfish comment, or a misunderstood judgment.

Love and life are complicated. They arent fair and they arent easily understood. What it comes to though, is the willingness to give yourself to the needs of another person. Sometimes we need to hold strong to something because it builds the foundation of our morals. Other times, we need to accept that our friend needs it more than we do, or the topic at hand has deeper roots with our lover than with us. Let yourself surrender to them, and realize the value in their fight.

When I was young, my friends and I would argue over celebrities and television stars. Then we grew up and we would banter about school rivalries and boy bands. Time passed and soon we were bickering about fashion and cars. Now we’re married, divorced or single, and we fight with our dates, our boyfriends, and our spouses about money, travel, family, and sincere emotions. It’s not the same anymore. We’ve become too attached to some topics to relinquish our stand when faced with battle.

Compromise and love need to rise above. To connect with one another we all have to be willing to make the connection.

Next time your friend, or lover, or spouse and you find yourselves in a tither or debate, do this for me; Take a moment to truly think ” Is this worth the fight?”, and ” Do I need this? Or is it worth more to them?” Then do this: Be willing to make the sacrifice.



  Mike wrote @

“When I was young”? c’mon honey, you ARE young.

  Boobette wrote @

love you miss you little brother and you are an amazing writer…..u know that saying you got it from ‘yo mama…ha, you got it from ‘yo sissa!!!!! LOL

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