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One Day

I wrote this recently, after hearing some of the feedback on my book deal. People assumed I was writing a sex tell all, and many people said things like “He’s only 22, he doesnt have a life. What would he know to write about?”

This is for all those people who never feel their voices are heard. This is for all the people who never listen.

One day you’ll listen to me. One day, maybe soon or maybe still a long time away, I’ll cry, and you will hear my falling tears. You will listen to me. You will hold me. You will comfort me, and maybe, for the first time, you will understand me. You will feel the pain in my heart and the loss in my soul.

On that day, you will realize how, although you never stood for me, I always stood up for you. I accepted your cruel words, and vicious intentions. Yet when the guards fell, and you were injured, I was still there for you. You will realize the intensity of the pain I felt for all those years, and the value your words had in me. Then, your eyes will widen, and for the first time since we met all those years ago, you will see that we are the same. We are both equal.

Then, when you’re alone later that day, you will realize that it isn’t just the two if us that are the same. In fact, you are the same as your neighbor, your lover, your mother, your friend, and your enemy. Your hearts all beat together. Your blood spills from the same veins. Your mind grasps the same pains, and your heart collapses to the same aches. You love and live on the same world, with the same hopes and dreams for what will come. Your differences will be dissolved, and clarity will come to you, because on this day, you realized that we are all one.

The women, the men, the children, and the elderly. African, Chinese, English, or American. Regardless of nation, heritage, creed, or who you love. We are all one. We are the world. We are hope. We are love. We are the resolutions we seek. We are peace.



  Joan Van Houten wrote @

Beautiful, Beau. So heartfelt and true. We are all indeed, one.

  rayy wrote @

Great post, Beau. Be proud & love & never give up! Disregard the negativity.

  June Allen wrote @

My Dear Beau, We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments, you’re an intelligent, talented, remarkable young man and, therefore, you should not be concerned about others and their unsensitive, unimportant remarks. If I could bear the burden of your disappointment with some of the remarks, I would. If I could take away the pain and make it mine, I would. Many people are so very unchristian, they need our prayers. Sometimes the road of life makes unexplainable twists, and the whole world seems cold and heartless. I can’t tell you how sorry I am,but I want to leave you with this thought—I’m here if you want to talk, if you need to cry, if you find comfort in sharing silence with me, I care….I’d like to put my arms around you and hug you and let you know how very much I really care.. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TALENTS WILL

  Penelope wrote @

My friends and I see you as one of our heroes.

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