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Love. Compassion. Innocence.

Three intangible words.

Descriptions of emotions we seek from others, and attributes that lead us on a search for restoration. Searches that lead us blindly through the dark to others, seeking the same.

Love. The first sensation we every experience as we enter the world, and the last we cling to when we leave this earth. It is the foundation for humanity, and the root of all culture and religions. It is a singular word, that has comfortably nestled itself as the cornerstone for the very existence of life.

Without love, life has no meaning. People would wonder aimlessly without any desires or true direction. Creativity would come to a halt, and all sense of family would be as obtainable as the breeze or the scent of summer. Nations would fall, and empires of man would lay as rubble. These lasting influences, collapsed to unsalvageable ruins. Mere pebbles would be as equals to man, because without love, we are all lifeless and unimportant. Wasting fleeting moments until we see our inevitable end. The end of civility and humanity.


Compassion. An action, a desire, a duty. It is a compass within all of us, that guides us to help others, and be more than ourselves. It guides the dogs of the pack, as it does us. To help our wounded, love our brothers and sisters, and shelter our enemies.

Without compassion, we are yet undefined. There is love, but love for our self and no other. The structure of passion gives way to self indulgence. The desire to help your neighbor to their feet, is no longer there. The urge to rebuild the pillars of community would give way to pillars of self righteousness. Aimless yet we would be, as without love, life would have little meaning if it were a life without compassion.


Innocence. An unobtainable Godly state. We lost it long ago, and yet still we strive for it. Chasing it with children and elders, in an eternal pursuit for what is already gone.

Forever lost. With the image of perfection and peace, it became something of the past the moment we opened our eyes for the first time. Now it is no more than an ideal. An indescribable state of mind. To put words to this state, would be to rob it of all it wants to be. Innocence is purity and simplicity. Words wash all that away, leaving a skeleton of bones lost in translation.


And still, we march on. Filed in line, neatly following one another on our individual mission to find completion and “ourselves”, through others seeking the same fate. An eternal exploration of what is beyond us. An unending pursuit to find that missing piece of us. But still, the piece is only in our back pocket. We are just finding someone to hold it for us, and protect it from the harsh realities of a world gone mad.

Love. Compassion. Innocence.


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  Monica wrote @

That was a joy to read. So true and beautifully written.

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