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Aren’t you….?

“Hey, aren’t you…” (fill in the blank with some off-the-wall description of my news monster identity).

Usually I’d simply say yes, or nod and move on with whomever I’m with. Then I heard this one the other night, and after a few beers I was ready to fight;

“Hey, you’re that guy who screwed the Mayor!”

Granted i had heard this one numerous times, and usually just ignored it. but this time I was tipsy after a few beers, and apparently my confidence was sky high.

I turned around, walked up to the twenty-something blonde boy laughing about his comment, and said;

“Do you really think that is an appropriate way to start a conversation with a complete stranger?”

“Oh, I know you. I know you because I read about you online and saw you on TV”

“That’s not knowing me. Again, do you think that was an appropriate comment to make? Because it wasn’t, and if you have any self respect, you won’t act like that in public because it’s childish and all YOU are doing is making a fool of yourself. So when you decide to grow up and act like someone who can legally enter this bar, then try talking to me again. Until then, PISS OFF!”

Seriously though, am I right? If you have any self respect, you wouldn’t act like that in public, right? It’s not going to embarrass me, it just makes them look like a fool.

Then he decided to apologize, and tell me he thought I was hot.

Great recovery, buddy. Try again.

Funny stuff maynard.



  nell wrote @

That is irritating and I can’t imagine the stress you’ve experienced because of scumbag adams. You’re doing the right thing – – stepping out, being yourself and living yourself outside the shadows after this very public hoopla. Things WILL get better.

  William H. wrote @

Beau, of course you were right!! You know how to act and how to carry yourself and you know the difference between right and wrong. This doesn’t mean you’re beyond reproach for we have all done things we’re not proud of but this boy was clearly out of line. I’m glad you stood up for yourself and spoke your mind! I always tell you, stay strong and don’t let “them” get to you! The people who love you love the REAL Beau and not the one on the news.

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