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Just home from my interview on the KIDDCHRIS radio show on KUFO. Was great! The guys were fun, and entertaining. I was more than happy to have my girl Kristine at my side for support. Even after the experience I’ve had, I still feel best with a good friend at my side.

I must say, I was a bit disappointed at the direction some of the conversation took, talking about sex and such. But it’s to be expected with a comedy radioshow. I figured they would have a few raunchy comments to make, and I was prepared.

The second bit of the show though, I really let loose! I got riled up about the Adams investigation and the way I’ve been treated by some of the public and the media. I even spoken about being punched in public for the first time- Some jerk hit me in a restaurant a few months ago because of the whole “Scandal”. Rediculous. People forget that I’m a real person, and not just a creation of the media.

Had fun though! Glad I had the opportunity to talk about the book, and how I really feel about the current political climate in Portland.


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  June Allen wrote @

The forty-five minutes you spent this morning being interviewed, seemed like a great experience. It appeared as if everyone had a great time. You sounded very relaxed, very confident, gave them the information they wanted. They really sounded like a great group of people. They treated you with respect, seemed interested very understanding of the past year or two. I am sure they will , no doubt, be purchasing your book and enjoying all of the truths that are mentioned. See you soon and God Bless. JA

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