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They amaze me ever day. Some times the human conditioning can be hard, and sometimes they just act out in hateful ways. Those are the ones that usually don’t really know me though. It’s those people though who have faith in me that mean the most. The ones I’ve barely met in passing, or have had the good fortune to become close with. They are the people that make the days so wonderful. Thank you so much.

Ahhh, le sigh…..



  Penelope wrote @

Beau. Take care of yourself.
The world is good and evil. you have friends who love you who have never met you, and we are all here for you and hear your truth. If it gets tough and you must be quiet for awhile, we will know why, it’s because the fury of evil burns hot. We will always be here for you. whenever your time is right.

Do not burn out dearest Beau. Be soothed.

  Penelope wrote @

I want to also say my friends know how mean some people are to you. Not everyone but we can read about it. It must be worse than we can see.
Beau, I stoled some makeup and got caught. It was very bad. the police were scary and my family didn’t handle it well. It was not enough to make it felony charges and I’m under age. I’m not in the media. I will never steal again and I know you won’t either.

  Penelope wrote @

I’m so sorry.I don’t mean to take up too many comments, but I had to say this. My family is here for Sunday dinner and my Aunt said something about the match this weekend with Agassi and Sanpras for Haiti. It’s so true Beau about hpw snippy they got on the court and
It’s only tennis……..but amp it up 2 billion times to the mean people with stakes on what you are helping to bring to our attention for Gay Rights.

Our Beau must be dodging tennis balls all day and all night. We love you Beau. Never forget.

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