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Dancing with the enemy is my remedy.

No whispers. No exchanged information. No roles to play, and no hidden agendas. Just dancing. The simple role of being the dancer. The movement.

We will fumble, and we might trip on occasion, as we silently find our position in the steps of the waltz.

Through the dance we communicate. Through the dance we become one. All differences dissolve.

Our outside personas and reasons for living are stripped away to the bare common thread that has sewn us together. The purest simplicity of being human. Man and Man. Woman and Woman.

Together we dance, and sway. The world drops away, and we’re left with this. Dancing with the enemy.


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  Penelope wrote @


For your weekend. My little cousin like to tell this story all the time (from the movie Iron Circle).

“A fish saved my life once” said the Zen Master.

“How?” asked someone.

“I ate him” replied master.

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