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New Movement Gathering

A friendly reminder to those of you who may or may not know;

This evening at 7:30, we will be hosting the first event for The New Movement. It will be a chance for me to put a voice to the mission of this group, and better explain my hopes and aspirations.

So far we have had great response through RSVP’s, so if you could please RSVP by commenting on this posting, or
e-mailing me directly.

If you are unable to attend this evening, there will be a second gathering tomorrow eve at 8:00, at the same location. (listed below)

Location: The Tribute Gallery, at the SE corner of Flanders and Broadway, near downtown Portland.


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  Penelope wrote @

Cool but last week was spring break, and I wasn’t even in Oregon. Hope you had a good turn out, and write about it.

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