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A Noble Calling

A dear friend of mine has instilled a strong message in me; “Public service is a noble calling and profession.” This is a motto and inspiration that now runs deep in the veins of my decision to be a part of, and support the Recall of Mayor Sam Adams. This is a decision for which I will not make any apologies, because I know the community’s involvement in this recall effort is the best decision for the City of Portland.

I write this letter to you as an effort in the final days of the campaign, to gain the additional support and understanding that we need to ensure success. This isn’t success for myself, Senator Gordly, or any individuals involved. The success of this effort is measured by our ability to show the rest of the nation that the residents of our city will not tolerate being subject to a science experiment in government.

Sam Adams has not only admitted to lying to obtain office, he has continued to tell half-truths, mislead the public, and maintain an “At all costs” approach to keeping himself in office and creating a legacy for his name. A legacy that does not have the city at it’s core purpose, or the needs of the public, it is purely an attempt gain attention and keep up appearances.

Mayor Adams has proven his inability to properly run his office on numerous occasions; by publicly speaking out against other international political issues, stating it to be “an example of the moral standards of Portland”, which has caused an immeasurable up rise against Portland, resulting in what could potentially be un-repairable damage to the city’s economy. In addition, he has forced budget changes and new city policies through the City Council at an un-needed rush, not allowing the public to have their due amount of time to understand what he is proposing, or be able to effectively speak out against it.

The state of our city is crippled at the moment, and will continue to be as long as Adams is in his position. The entire nation has turned and pointed to Portland as being a comedy of errors that no one else is willing to clean up after. Is this what we want? More so, as a Gay man myself and part of the GLBTQ community, is this the type of representation we want from the first Gay man to hold this office? So often I hear that as reason for allowing him to stay in office, “Because he’s gay.” By saying that, those people imply that our community supports and aligns itself with Adams moral corruptness and dishonesty. I know that isn’t the truth, and I now that the GLBTQ community holds itself to higher standards than that. I also know that Portland is better than this.

We should never fear democracy and fear being involved in it. For that reason alone, I ask for your support of this campaign, to prove that the people’s voice does matter. There are no excuses for our Mayor to deceive us and put his legacy and desires before that of the city’s.


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  Penelope wrote @

The mayor has some problems and he is not a good representative of gays or Portland. I think he’s a crook.

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