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They amaze me ever day. Some times the human conditioning can be hard, and sometimes they just act out in hateful ways. Those are the ones that usually don’t really know me though. It’s those people though who have faith in me that mean the most. The ones I’ve barely met in passing, or have had the good fortune to become close with. They are the people that make the days so wonderful. Thank you so much.

Ahhh, le sigh…..


Rainy Days

So the past few days have been cold and rainy in good ol’ Portland. So I’ve taken my energy inside, and have been trying to focus on work indoors. Primarily the Sam Adams Recall campaign, and my work with The New Movement.

I’ve made the decision that I want to hold a gathering somewhere in the Portland area within the next couple weeks. The goal being to put a voice to the mission I’ve set out for The New Movement. I’ve spoken with so many people about it, but have yet to get everyone together and explain what I really want to do.

What I want to do is help reinforce independence and individuality, and motivate people to not allow themselves to fall into stereotypes just because we think it’s “What is expected of us”. It can start on an individual level, and in time work it’s way through the paths of society to ignite new ways in how we represent ourselves in the move towards equal rights.

It’s so easy to fall into a stereotype because we think it’s okay or it’s what people assume we are. But by doing that, we are fighting against ourselves in advancement and equality. Why? Because we are choosing to live the “ideas” that other people have of us, and doing that only exemplifies the reasons why so many people don’t believe we should have equal rights.

I’ll be in touch in the next few days with a meeting place and time. I hope you all can come. It would be a pleasure to meet you all.

My Opinion of the Campbell Case

To those of my readers who aren’t from Portland, this blog entry is in response to the Aaron Campbell shooting, and the investigation that followed it. Aaron Campbell was an un-armed man who was shot by a Portland Police officer, due to poor communication between the police on the scene and those negotiating with Campbell. I do want to say though, that I fully support Police officers, and all others who work to protect our communities. This was an unfortunate incident, and is a reflection of individual failures, and not complete system failure. I completely support and appreciate the men and women who risk their lives for our safety daily.

It is in my opinion that the city of Portland has failed to properly handle the Aaron Campbell shooting case.

This is an unfortunate, and horrible situation that never should have happened. As many other people have said, including our city leaders. However, a persisting issue with this case is our leader’s failure to make the correct decisions first. Instead, what we have seen has been a string of poorly thought-out decisions, that have led to anger and frustration from the community. In turn, the city leaders have then made strides towards appropriate decisions and investigative measures.

The issue though, is that these people in power failed to make the correct choices initially. Instead, the “easy” way out was taken. Simply put, they chose “quick-fixes” over truly addressing the situation.

The fact is, the men on the scene the day of the shooting failed to properly follow the guidelines they were expected to abide by. Primarily, ensuring proper communication between all of those involved on the scene and in communication with the person in question, in this case Aaron.

As a result, Aaron was fatally shot. Had there been proper communication, and had all the police involved communicated as they were expected to do, this wouldn’t have happened.

From the very beginning, Sam Adams and others should have stepped forward and acknowledged the issues at hand, and then initiated a proper investigation that wasn’t rushed or poorly conducted.

It’s becoming a pattern in Portland City government, to apply a quick fix to issues like this. Then when our leaders are confronted with disappointment ( as Adams was confronted by protestors at his office), they suddenly agree with those who are disappointed and commit to handling it properly. But why wasn’t it done in the first place?

It’s in my opinion that leaders, like Sam Adams and others I won‘t name, will try repeatedly to brush issues aside and not deal with them. Unless people stand up and say “No”. Then, he gravels and agrees there was an error. The fact is though, yet again he should have made the right decisions the first time.


Just home from my interview on the KIDDCHRIS radio show on KUFO. Was great! The guys were fun, and entertaining. I was more than happy to have my girl Kristine at my side for support. Even after the experience I’ve had, I still feel best with a good friend at my side.

I must say, I was a bit disappointed at the direction some of the conversation took, talking about sex and such. But it’s to be expected with a comedy radioshow. I figured they would have a few raunchy comments to make, and I was prepared.

The second bit of the show though, I really let loose! I got riled up about the Adams investigation and the way I’ve been treated by some of the public and the media. I even spoken about being punched in public for the first time- Some jerk hit me in a restaurant a few months ago because of the whole “Scandal”. Rediculous. People forget that I’m a real person, and not just a creation of the media.

Had fun though! Glad I had the opportunity to talk about the book, and how I really feel about the current political climate in Portland.

Aren’t you….?

“Hey, aren’t you…” (fill in the blank with some off-the-wall description of my news monster identity).

Usually I’d simply say yes, or nod and move on with whomever I’m with. Then I heard this one the other night, and after a few beers I was ready to fight;

“Hey, you’re that guy who screwed the Mayor!”

Granted i had heard this one numerous times, and usually just ignored it. but this time I was tipsy after a few beers, and apparently my confidence was sky high.

I turned around, walked up to the twenty-something blonde boy laughing about his comment, and said;

“Do you really think that is an appropriate way to start a conversation with a complete stranger?”

“Oh, I know you. I know you because I read about you online and saw you on TV”

“That’s not knowing me. Again, do you think that was an appropriate comment to make? Because it wasn’t, and if you have any self respect, you won’t act like that in public because it’s childish and all YOU are doing is making a fool of yourself. So when you decide to grow up and act like someone who can legally enter this bar, then try talking to me again. Until then, PISS OFF!”

Seriously though, am I right? If you have any self respect, you wouldn’t act like that in public, right? It’s not going to embarrass me, it just makes them look like a fool.

Then he decided to apologize, and tell me he thought I was hot.

Great recovery, buddy. Try again.

Funny stuff maynard.


Hey friends! If you’re available, tune in to Portland station 101.1fm, KUFO Monday morning for my interview with the KIDD Show.

I’ll be discussing the book, my feelings about the Adams Recall effort, and my feelings about the Aaron Campbell shooting. In addition, we will chat about my future plans, and other items.

Hope to have your listening ears!


A post from my old blog.

An older Blog post from my previous site. Something interesting to reflect on. This was the last entry I wrote at, after finding out that a man I had been “dating” had lied to me about everything, even his name. In reality, he was writing a report about me. He falsified his entire life and personality, to get into mine, and learn everything about me. It was devastating.

“I lost something today. My faith in humanity.

A college report. An essay. An experiment in vulnerability and celebrity. That is what I have been reduced to.

It is amazing, that after everything I have faced and dealt with, I still had faith in people. I still had faith that someone would tell the truth when they were supposed to. I still believed that under the tough skin, people were good and whole, and kind. I still held out for a knight in shining armor, who would come in to my life and sweep me off my feet. We would fall in love, and he would be the answer to all my prayers.

He wasn’t a knight, and he wasn’t the answer to all my prayers. He will probably be the reason I stop praying, and the reason I’ll never ask for a knight again.

He promised me love, passion, compassion, and everything a world of good people could offer.

I was starving, frail, and timid.

I let him in to my life.

We never met in person, It was only a few weeks of calls, texts, e-mails and face book banter.

Today, I found out I was nothing more than his assignment. A fair student’s bid at a good grade in a college class. An essay.

He manipulated my love, faith, and devotions. He identified my fears and weaknesses, and shot for them both.


Here’s to you. The good student, who never missed a deadline, scored high marks in all the sports you played, and sat comfortably in the dining hall with you beautiful blonde girlfriend. Because we all know you weren’t really gay.

This will be a joke and a story to share with your straight friends, while sipping an ice cold beer; Matter of fact, have a good ol’ Sam Adams for me.

You burned me, hurt me, damaged me, and drained my last ounce of energy and faith.”